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With SimplySo anyone can use SharePoint Online

SimplySo is all about providing a familiar experience for your documents and folders boosted with the intuitive social features from Office 365 applications combined into a single user interface. Share files on the wall, like posts, comment and much more. Improve your SharePoint Online user experience – instantly.

For PC, MAC, tablet and smartphone

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It has never been easier to share, follow or comment on files and content. Each work group has its own set of documents and files organized in a Windows File Explorer-like structure, featuring drag n’ drop of entire folder structures. You can follow specific files that interest you or post a file on the wall instead of distributing  it via email.

Social collaboration

Social collaboration

SimplySo improves the SharePoint Online user experience. It lets you create and engage in discussions and share content (documents, files, photo/video clips) directly on the wall. Work groups are easily created even for ad hoc projects. Updates with files, photos or videos can be posted, liked or commented on based on individual settings.


OneDrive for Business

OneDrive for Business is included in most Office 365 plans. However, many users find OneDrive for Business confusing, so we have completely restructured OneDrive for Business making it look and feel just like Windows File Explorer.

Team Sites

Work groups – Team Sites

Users can be grouped into an unlimited number of dimensions, and each user gets a visual overview of all the work groups they belong to. Work group activity is shown in a Facebook-like simple feed, keeping users up-to-date at all times.