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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most asked common questions regarding SimplySo.

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All users subscribing to a Microsoft Office 365 plan featuring SharePoint Online.

SimplySo utilizes the best features from the Office 365 package in a single user interface. With SimplySo your employees will have an easy time working with their documents and engaging in discussions, uploading photos and files and searching for content. As easy to use as any social network.

SimplySo is all about providing a familiar experience for your documents & folders boosted with intuitive social features from Office 365 applications like SharePoint, OneDrive for Business, Delve and Newsfeed in a single user interface. Share files on the wall, like posts, comment and much more.

  • Easy and intuitive to use
  • Full SharePoint Online governance
  • Secure – Microsoft single sign-in
  • No risk – data stays in Office 365
  • No implementation
  • No maintenance

Yes. SimplySo is built in responsive HTML5 and runs on Microsoft Azure, adapting perfectly to any device with a browser.

SimplySo is a horizontal tool for file-sharing, collaboration and social communication. It addresses multiple user interface problems that employees face using just SharePoint, making SimplySo highly suitable for SMBs as their file-server in the cloud. From an IT governance perspective, all files stay on SharePoint Online at all times and nothing needs to be installed.

1. Contact your Office 365 re-seller. They will advise you about the relevant steps and sell the required number licences to your organization.
2. Once you have valid licenses, you simply log-in and start working on your existing SharePoint Online data via . Simple as that.

Other “standard” solutions for SharePoint will all have to be built into SharePoint by a consultant. This drives up maintenance and update costs, even development cost if a special need arises.

Such solutions CANNOT be undone or rolled back and can prove to be very expensive, as you have no other alternative once the solution is deployed.

SimplySo works as any service you subscribe to like Spotify, Dropbox, Netflix etc. When you have paid your subscription, you are ready to go. Simple as that.