How to experience a simplified SharePoint Online

Many organizations of varying size are struggling with SharePoint user adoption. They are finding themselves stuck between the technical needs and requirements of their specialists and the “average” users of their organization, who just need an easily accessible, familiar and recognizable layout for their content.

SharePoint Online user experience

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Improved SharePoint user experience

Since SharePoint is currently mostly used by specialists or academics, the “average” users are normally left behind, failing to utilize even the most basic features of SharePoint.

The gap between the specialist users and the “average” users has been very difficult to bridge using traditional SharePoint development tools and plug-ins, since everything is built into SharePoint one way or another. Meaning that the users will still be operating in the SharePoint logic, which is everything but a simplification of SharePoint user experience.

Simplifying SharePoint Online

By using a unique layer technology for SharePoint Online, vendors like SimplySo are now able to offer a simplified SharePoint Online experience. This technology allows an external design layer to connect to any SharePoint Online URL, providing the users access to work with their SharePoint Online content immediately.

Provisioning of a design layer is done instantly and the SharePoint Online content is instantly presented in a “Facebook/File Explorer logic”, providing the user with a “no-training” user interface for SharePoint Online, without compromising on SharePoint Online governance.

A significant and valuable upside for larger organizations is that layers like SimplySo are transparent and attach to existing SharePoint Online solutions without changing any settings or content. Thus making it possible to drive up SharePoint user adoption among the “average” users by displaying their content in a very user-friendly and straightforward layout, all the while satisfying the highly-specialized needs of the specialist that enjoys working in native SharePoint.

Simple as that.

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