The trick that will get you great value out of Office 365

To begin with, you need to understand what a powerful package Office 365 really is. This means that you will get more out of Office 365 if you embrace the cloud and allow yourself to exploit the lowest hanging fruits of Office 365. 

Some Office 365 applications are easier to adapt to than others. We have hand-picked the applications that companies will benefit from the most.

The 4 basic ready-to-use applications are:

SharePoint Online social collaboration
  1. The Office suite (Word, PowerPoint, Excel). That is a no-brainer and one of the main reasons why many organizations engage in Office 365 in the first place.
  2. Exchange online. Also, a no-brainer since everybody really needs their organizational email and calendar. However, most users are still using the Outlook desktop application, but remember that with Office 365 you can also access your email from any device with a browser connected to the Internet.
  3. OneNote is becoming increasingly popular as a very strong alternative to Evernote. Again, with OneNote, you have seamless access to all your notes across your devices. OneNote is a clever application for organizing your notes and to-dos.
  4. OneDrive for Business contains for your personal work related files. Equivalent to your personal drive on your organization’s file server. OneDrive for Business can be synchronized to your Windows File Explorer. Plus it can be used in any browser, from any device.

These are the Office 365 applications that are ready-to-use out of the box.

But if you want to go beyond, you can get greater value out of Office 365 if you dare to think in out of the box solutions. 

Boost Office 365 adoption with SimplySo

Basically, the setup and customization of most of the remaining applications in Office 365 and SharePoint Online, in particular, will demand some sort of external consulting. If you don’t pay close attention, this can be very costly.

Our trick is to connect an interaction layer to your Office 365 tenant. Such an interaction layer can be connected to all users on your tenant within seconds. As a result, you will now be able to engage all your users in SharePoint Online if you are a small organization, or your “light IT users, like frontline- or blue color workers if you are a large or mid-sized organization.

The interaction layer comes as a predefined standard no-training user interface. By combining Office, Exchange Online, SharePoint, Delve, Newsfeed and OneDrive for Business, it as easy to use as “Facebook with documents”.

Thus the interaction layer will enable you to utilize SharePoint Online as your new and future-proof file server alternative, boosted with clever wall-based social features.

As a result, you will experience a decline in shadow IT like Dropbox, Googe Drive etc., since the users can now actually use the underlying infrastructure.

You can try 30 days for free (Office 365 admin rights necessary):

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About SimplySo

SimplySo is a simplified user interface for Office 365. Maximize user adoption with a simplified user experience of your SharePoint and OneDrive content that looks and feels like “Facebook with file explorer”. You get the best from SharePoint in terms of user administration, data governance, and security. Meanwhile, users will get an intuitive user interface that runs on any device with a browser. PC, MAC, tablet or smartphone.

Data stays in Office 365 / SharePoint Online at all times, making SimplySo perfect as a UI for all users in a small organization or as an additional UI for certain user groups in larger organizations. It’s simple.

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