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PAW SKO is one of the major retail chains in Denmark when it comes to shoes.

They know all there is to know about shoes for the entire family and they have a long and proud tradition of advising their customers. Traditions are important in PAW SKO, being a family owned business established in 1974. They slowly opened more stores, and are now present all over Denmark with 18 stores.

The challenge

With 18 stores and a headquarter office that needs to interact with and coordinate the entire retail chain; making sure everybody gets the same information, communication and file sharing were often issues. Emailing was found to be too slow and inefficient and the company data was stored partly on local PCs, an old server and even in Dropbox. This resulted in content being hard to find since no one could remember where it was stored.

PAW SKO faced a need of backing up their files, keeping them secure and being able to share those files internally with the store managers. In the summer of 2016 they turned to Office 365 and SharePoint Online, but quickly came to the conclusion that it was too difficult to use and it did not fulfil their basic needs in terms of usability.


PAW SKO decided to provision SimplySo to their Office 365/SharePoint Online to make file sharing and collaboration more intuitive. Since PAW SKO does not have their own IT department to educate and train the users, it was essential that SimplySo was easy and intuitive to use. With the intuitive user interface, all PAW SKO employees are now able to collaborate and share documents. Julie Frederiksen from PAW SKO was responsible for implementing SimplySo, and she, along with the management, is especially happy about the high level of data security when sharing documents between departments.

By adopting SimplySo, PAW SKO now have a very intuitive user interface for quick and safe file sharing, social collaboration; meanwhile their data is securely stored in SharePoint Online at all times.

“It was essential that SimplySo was easy and intuitive to use for our employees.”

- Julie Frederiksen, PAW SKO

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