Municipality of Aarhus

Aarhus, the second largest municipality in Denmark

employing some 28,000 employees, has decided to roll out Office 365 to its employees.​

The challenge

However, Office 365 was recognized as quite a mouthful for the “average” user since it would demand a great amount of training to master, in particular the complexity of SharePoint Online.


To respond to these challenges, the Municipality of Aarhus decided to use SimplySo for Office 365. This decision was primarily made to provide users with an easy and intuitive user experience when working with folders and documents, featuring well-known logic as well as useful social features. Secondly, the Municipality of Aarhus decided to use SimplySo as their general portal to access Office 365, which embeds features such as the Office 365 Email and Calendar.

By doing so, SimplySo by default shields the users from meeting new applications in the Office 365 app launcher. New applications will normally cause support questions and insecurity among many users.

One of the first departments to roll out Office 365 and SimplySo was the Department for Health & Care (Magistraten for Sundhed og Omsorg). These approx. 6,000 users were among the first to use Office 365 and SimplySo. They were thereby equipped with limitless access to their content across devices with a straightforward user interface, that can actually be operated by anyone. This is especially relevant as most of their daily users can be categorized as inexperienced IT users.

“SimplySo is a valuable Office 365 add-on, providing our users with a familiar user experience saving us extensive SharePoint training.”

- City of Aarhus

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