Replace your file server with SharePoint Online

The headline might sound like wishful thinking for those who know just a little bit about SharePoint.

Most of the infamous issues around SharePoint stems from the or lack of usability among light IT users. The technical side of SharePoint on the other hand is well known for its endless possibilities to set permissions, administer user groups and much more.

SharePoint User Interface

To put it into perspective, one might argue that SharePoint is popular among IT professionals and those who run the admin part of SharePoint, whereas the users from a general perspective are not so fond of SharePoint. This is a scenario that has been playing since the birth of SharePoint, originally launched as a document management system in 2001. There have been numerous attempts to make SharePoint more user friendly, but one of the main issues is that all the customizations in one way or another are done inside of SharePoint, regardless if they are settings or plugins. This means that it is very hard to address the underlying issue with SharePoint: The logic and navigation of SharePoint content is perceived as different and difficult by many users.

So far, the SharePoint front page has been improved for each new version, luring the users to believe that it is now much easier to use. The front page now displays your recent sites and the recent files you have been working on. However, once you click a document or a site, you quickly realize that you are still working in SharePoint with the same logic and navigation and numerous buttons to choose from.

Scenarios like the above have helped many SimplySo customers accelerate their SharePoint user adoption. Read about a few cases here:

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However, if you want to use SharePoint as the company file-container, you might consider adding a simplified UI to SharePoint. A simplified UI is a valuable add-on for multiple reasons. Firstly, it simplifies the layout of the SharePoint and OneDrive content, to look and feel like Windows file explorer, making it easy and familiar for the light users to navigate their content. Secondly, the simplified UI is a portal access for Office 365 that shields the light users from the constant stream of new Office 365 applications and updates, showing only the features that the light users actually needs to get work done.

Lastly, the simplified UI never interferes with the native SharePoint UI that many experienced users treasure. This means that you can now use SharePoint in-stead of a classic file-server, VPN etc., keep data safe with a high degree of governance, while serving both the needs of the light users and the more experienced users.

SimplySo was nominated for a Microsoft Partner Award 2017 in the “Modern Workplace” category. Read more about how other organizations are using SimplySo:

About SimplySo

SimplySo is a simplified user interface for Office 365. Maximize user adoption with a simplified user experience of your SharePoint and OneDrive content that looks and feels like “Facebook with file explorer”. You get the best from SharePoint in terms of user administration, data governance, and security. Meanwhile, users will get an intuitive user interface that runs on any device with a browser. PC, MAC, tablet or smartphone.

Data stays in Office 365 / SharePoint Online at all times, making SimplySo perfect as a UI for all users in a small organization or as an additional UI for certain user groups in larger organizations. It’s simple.

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