How to drive SharePoint Online User Adoption – City of Aarhus case

SharePoint Online user adoption – in real life

To understand some of the most common challenges related to SharePoint user adoption, we should start by establishing some of the most common reasons why SharePoint Online is often chosen and who the target audience is.

SharePoint Online user adoption for Aarhus Kommune

Our research shows that SharePoint is often chosen for a state of the art user administration and the high level of data governance offered.  The target audience for a customized SharePoint solution are often specialists, academics and engineers who in many cases represent as little as 20% of an organizations’ user base.

Taking the above into consideration, it is not very likely that the delivered solution is very useful or popular among the “average” or non-technical users of the organization.

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Making the impossible possible

In real life, satisfying all users with a “one-size fits all” SharePoint Online user experience is often seen as an unsolvable issue. Until now. 

If you want to target the “average” users, you must provide them with a very simple SharePoint Online user experience with the most basic features. This normally means giving them easy access to their “own” and shared company documents, combined with useful social features. Mobile first, needless to mention. By adding the SimplySo interaction layer to your existing SharePoint Online solution, you can now offer a Facebook-like user interface for SharePoint Online, which in most cases will drive SharePoint Online user adoption through the roof.

“SimplySo is a valuable add-on, providing our users with a familiar user experience saving us for extensive SharePoint training” – Morten Kjeldsen Kusk, City of Aarhus

Our client, City of Aarhus, experienced how SimplySo made the impossible possible, delivering great SharePoint user adoption among the “average” users. Specialist users can still use SharePoint native to access workflows, project management and other customized features.  The unique layer technology allowed SimplySo to connect to City of Aarhus’ existing SharePoint Online solution in a matter of 30 seconds, bridging the gap between the needs of the specialist users and the need for a simple and straightforward SharePoint Online user interface among the “average” users.


One SharePoint with two different UIs for different types of users accessing and working with the same data. Thus getting full benefit from the high level of user administration and data governance in SharePoint, as well as high user adoption for all users in the organization.

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About SimplySo

SimplySo is a simplified user interface for Office 365. Maximize user adoption with a simplified user experience of your SharePoint and OneDrive content that looks and feels like “Facebook with file explorer”. You get the best from SharePoint in terms of user administration, data governance, and security. Meanwhile, users will get an intuitive user interface that runs on any device with a browser. PC, MAC, tablet or smartphone.

Data stays in Office 365 / SharePoint Online at all times, making SimplySo perfect as a UI for all users in a small organization or as an additional UI for certain user groups in larger organizations. It’s simple.

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