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Office 365 and SharePoint Online are winning all over the world

As Office 365 is winning all over the world and are nearing the 250 million user mark, still more organizations are beginning to explore beyond what seemed to be Outlook and the classic Office suite at first glance. 

Many are experiencing Office 365 as Pandoras box, or as a gift that keeps on giving. For the experienced users this is just perfect, as they constantly find new features and new applications that helps them stay productive. Let’s assume that they encounter 20% of an organization’s users. Typically specialist, engineers and specialists.

Office 365 adoption

For the remaining 80%, that we could label light IT users, we often see frustration rather than joy when Office 365 is taken broader into use. Since all content produced in Office 365 is stored in SharePoint Online, the organization need to embrace SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business in one form or another. We could refer to SharePoint online as the engine in Office 365, weather it is OneDrive for Business, Teams, PowerApps etc.

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Office 365 is a platform – not a product

What is supposed to be a productivity suite, sometimes turn in to a nightmare for both users and support.

One of the main sources to frustration apart from SharePoint Online being different and clunky to navigate and use, is the fact that Office 365 keeps updating with new features and applications that are presented to the users overnight. This often leaves support or admin one step behind the game with a feeling that they always have to clean up when users have tried to take a new application into use on their own. Examples could be users having created a Team or a Group named “IT admin”, “Management” or similar inappropriate names that can lead to confusion or worse.

The reality is that Office 365 is a platform not a product, that many mistakenly think. A platform that keeps growing in terms of new applications that might not be well connected to other existing applications. A platform that admin or other must control if organizations should benefit from many of the relevant  productivity features that are hidden inside of Office 365.

Use a wrapper user interface for the blue collars

A simple and effective way to gain control and activate the 80% light or blue collar users might be to put a wrapper, or a simplified user interface around Office 365. The simplified UI often have a more user-friendly design that only presents the user with features from certain and business relevant applications to avoid confusing the users. A wrapper UI puts the admin in the Office 365 drivers seat, since new applications and features are only released in the wrapper UI after admin approval .

Bear in mind that a wrapper interface doesn’t take away the native user interface. It merely hides it from the light or blue collar users that just need “the basics” to get work done.

To learn more about how your organization can benefit from a wrapper UI and put you back in control, feel free to book a meeting with SimplySo and learn about our unique wrapper UI for Office 365. We can document 300%+ increase in SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business user adoption in just a few weeks.

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