Modern workplace

SimplySo is your modern workplace built for Office 365. With SimplySo everyone gets a modern and personal 'SoMe-like' workplace experience. SimplySo provides the exact content and information you need to collaborate seamlessly on your Office 365 platform. Get Work Done no matter who you are or where you are.


Microsoft teams

SimplySo for Teams is an inexpendable piece in your Microsoft Teams strategy. When you install the SimplySo for Teams App, you will instantly provide your Microsoft Teams users with access to all their SharePoint and OneDrive documents and empower them to search across all the team sites they have access to.


SimplySo for Desktop

The one entry you need to access all your documents across storage locations and can even help you make a soft migration to the cloud. Work smarter and access all your documents in one powerful app. No matter if your documents are created in Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, local drives or mapped network drives, they will be available to you right from your desktop.


External users

SimplySo offers a simplified and easy to use invite function, where an external user is created as a guest user in the Azure AD and invited to access your shared Office 365 content in the same process. Are you struggling with getting external users on your Office 365 platform you should try SimplySo.



SimplySo provides an out-of-the box solution for your communication or intranet, giving your users an efficient and secure collaboration platform which will be up and running in less than a minute. We call it a 'SoMe experience' for Office 365, Sharepoint and MS Teams.


Content navigation

SimplySo displays SharePoint Online libraries and OneDrive folders in a familiar tree structure, with drag n’ drop functionality to copy over content from any hard drive, USB etc. Office documents can be edited in the relevant Office applications or online, allowing multiple users to co-edit simultaneously.



SimplySo supports a wide range of possibilities to extend the SimplySo UI with custom features, like integrating both native Office 365 features as Power BI, Power Apps and 3rd party features like YouTube, common web pages and much more. You can even embed your existing intranet, making SimplySo a hub for all your company information and collaboration.

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