Collaborate with your colleagues

and external partners.

Get an out-of-the box solution for your communication or intranet, giving your users an efficient and secure collaboration platform in an instant.

Post, like & comment

Engage in a teamwork with familiar social features. SimplySo lets you create and share content like documents, files, photos or video clips directly on the wall. Join discussions by liking or commenting. Intuitive to navigate and use, like any social network.

Create and manage sites

modern, classic or communication sites for different departments, customers, projects etc. to efficiently collaborate with your team. Each site has a dedicated document library in file explorer layout and a social wall for enhanced communication and engagement.

Be social

Engage in discussions and start your own ones. Post, like and share content on the Social Wall. From anywhere and on any device with confidence.

Create & manage sites

Create and join sites (modern, classic or communication sites) featuring a document library in file explorer layout. Sites can be structured into an unlimited number of dimensions.

An extra UI

SimplySo can be used as an extra UI for certain user groups. Others might prefer the native Office 365 / SharePoint Online UI. Everybody will be working on the same content.

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