familiar Drag'n'Drop functionality

Navigate your personal and shared documents

easy access to all your documents

SimplySo displays SharePoint Online libraries and OneDrive folders in a familiar tree structure, with drag n’ drop functionality to copy over content from any hard drive, USB etc. Office documents can be edited in the relevant Office applications or online, allowing multiple users to co-edit simultaneously.

File explorer

Browse your SharePoint Online and OneDrive documents in a familiar file explorer structure. The familiar tree structure helps you to easily organize and navigate through folders and files. So you can get work done.

Shared or personal

To give you an intuitive user experience, we have placed the two different types of content under individual menus. This way you don’t confuse shared content with your own personal content. Keep it simple.

Easy access

Pick up where you left. Easy access to your most important, recent and trending documents.

Shared with me

Reach “Shared with me” content in one-click when you browse through documents.

Drag N' Drop

Drag n’ drop files or folders to copy content from any hard drive, USB etc.

Document templates

Create  new documents based on your organization’s predefined document templates

One-click file creation

Create and name news files directly in the folder for easy file creation.

Pin your favourites

Pin your most important files for easy one-click access.

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