SimplySo SharePoint document management

Simplify your document management

get a simplified user-interface

With SimplySo SharePoint document management system for Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft SharePoint, you’ll get a simplified user-interface to access all your documents across different storage locations. 

From one app

You can work with all your documents from one app no matter if your document is stored in  Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, or on local drives and mapped network drives.

Integrate Microsoft Teams with SharePoint
and streamline your collaboration

With SimplySo as your collaboration tool for documents, you will get a simple and yet powerful SharePoint file explorer experience that dramatically increases your SharePoint adoption. SimplySo provides an easy way to share and collaborate documents through SimplySo’s Sharepoint file management user-interface, both with users inside your organization as well as with external users outside your organization.

The simple way...

Get an enterprise-ready and secure alternative to Slack with SimplySo’s Microsoft Teams integration and SimplySo’s unique Sharepoint Teams integration.

Getting the best of two worlds with SimplySo's easy to use interface combing effortless document management with the power of Microsoft SharePoint secure and enterprise-ready platform.

By integrating the SimplySo App for Microsoft Teams, you will be able to work with all your documents stored in your Microsoft SharePoint team site, directly from Microsoft Teams.

user interface

SimplySo provides an easy and recognizable user interface. With familiar user experience, the need for user training will drop dramatically alongside with your cost for user training.

With SimplySo you will increase your user adoption and at the same time save cost and time for user training.

Customizable design for branding

SimplySo can easily be branded according to your company’s look and feel.

Through SimplySo interface you can choose your own color schema and upload your company logo to make the user experience even more familiar.

Responsive and mobile-optimized

Enjoy the intuitive personalized user interface.

Regardless of whether your favorite device is a Windows PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone, you’ll get at seamless SharePoint and Teams integration.

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