Extensions in SimplySo

a modern workplace

Turn SimplySo into a powerful modern workplace with extensions.
By using widgets SimplySo supports a wide range of possibilities to extend the SimplySo UI with custom features, like integrating both native Office 365 features as Power BI, Power Apps and 3rd party features like YouTube, common web pages and much more.

You can even embed your existing intranet, making SimplySo a hub for all your company information and collaboration.


Examples of extensions that can be added to SimplySo: The company Yammer feed, Power Apps, Power BI, YouTube, Twitter feed or other 3rd party applications that you want to access from the SimplySo dashboard.

It’s all up to you…


With the intuitive user interface, everyone can design a custom dashboard. Simply drag n’ drop the widgets needed for the dashboard. Each team site can have its own customized dashboard layout. E.g the sales team can display the sales funnel by using Power BI or the HR team can display the company YouTube channel.

Power Apps

Create web and mobile apps quickly without code that connect to your data and embed them into the SimplySo UI

Power BI

Go from data to insight to action with Power BI Desktop and embed your dashboards in the SimplySo UI.


Create and share interactive reports, presentations, personal stories and more. Now embedded in the SimplySo UI.


Embed your organization’s Yammer feed in the SimplySo UI.


Create rich web forms with Microsoft Forms and embed them in the SimplySo UI.

Google Forms

Create rich web forms with Google Forms and embed them in the SimplySo UI.

Google Docs

Embed your organisation’s google docs directly in the SimplySo UI.

Google Drive

Embed your google drive docs directly in the SimplySo UI.


Embed the organization’s YouTube channel in the SimplySo UI.


Embed your organization’s Facebook page in the SimplySo UI.

RSS Feeds

Embed your organization’s RSS feeds directly in the SimplySo UI.


Embed HTML content from other external sources directly in the SimplySo UI.

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