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User adoption is key to any successful Office 365 roll out

Fast user adoption of new IT tools or systems is crucial to any organization.

User adoption is too often neglected in the buying process. Office 365 is often chosen for the many and versatile applications and features, high security and governance, but never because of user popularity or intuitive use.

This is exactly what we at SimplySo strive to infuse into Office 365 – an intuitive user interface. Only this way you can utilize all the great features within the Office 365 platform and focus on your daily tasks and to GET WORK DONE.

Shadow IT

It can be a struggle to roll out Office 365 so everybody in the organization can operate and benefit from it. It should often cover many different features to be used by users in different positions, with different IT skills and on different devices.​

However, failing to acknowledge user adoption as very important, can lead to shadow IT and various unpleasant scenarios.​

Users often turn to private Dropbox or Google Drive accounts when they need to share content, even internally with colleagues. The IT department has no control over what is shared with who and who might have access to the content.​

Even Facebook and other social media platforms are used as shadow IT. Employees forms groups for employees on their own, where sensitive data or insight might be shared. Eventually, one or more employees will leave the company to work for a competitor while remaining members of the group. Again, the IT department has no control over what is shared with who and who might have access to the content. ​

To prevent shadow IT in your Office 365 organization, simply choose SimplySo.



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