We have gathered some of the questions we often get about SimplySo. If you don't find an answer to your question here, do not hesitate to contact us. You can use the chat or the contact form.

01. What is SimplySo?

SimplySo is an App that will help you make sure that everyone gets the most out of SharePoint and Office 365. By providing a familiar and smooth user experience, SimplySo will ease your everyday tasks and help you get work done from any device with a modern browser, no matter if it is a PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone. With SimplySo you can work seamlessly with your documents, communicate and collaborate with your colleagues and stay up to date with company news and numbers. 

02. How do I get started?

SimplySo will help you get started. The only prerequisite SimplySo needs is an Office 365 plan. If you are not quite there yet, SimplySo can assess your Cloud readiness and even help migrate your data to Office 365 (See Additional Services under Pricing). If you want to try SimplySo on your own, just sign up for a trial here and you will be ready to try SimplySo with your own Office 365 content in 30 seconds. 

03. Is there a SimplySo App for mobile?

SimplySo is a responsive Web App. You can use it from any device with a modern browser. No installation is needed, all you need is a link. Just sign in using your Office 365 credentials and SimplySo will automatically adjust to your screen size. If you are a dedicated desktop user, we recommend that you take a look at SimplySo for Desktop. It is literally the same great user experience, but with access to local- and network drives that browsers generally can’t access due to security restrictions. 

04. Does SimplySo store my documents?

SimplySo does NOT store any documents or other Office 365 content. Your personal work-related documents are stored in OneDrive and documents for your team, department or the entire company are stored in SharePoint. 

05. How do SimplySo and Office 365 work together?

When you access SimplySo for the first time, SimplySo will prompt you for consent to access your Office 365 content using Microsoft’s own secure APIs. After you have consented, you can access and work with your Office 365 content through SimplySo. 

06. Is SimplySo secure?

SimplySo is integrated with the Microsoft identity platform to provide secure sign-in and authorization when accessing your Office 365 content. When you sign in using your Office 365 credentials, SimplySo can only let you see content you have access to. Nothing more. 

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