The perfect process recipe

We boiled down the process to a perfect recipe for a successful SimplySo implementation. Let us help you embrace the modern workplace and get the right start with SimplySo. We will guide you through the steps in the implementation process and make sure you get ready to go live with confidence.  

  • Prep Time 1 Day
  • Cook Time 4 Days
  • Total Time 5 Days
  • Serves 1 Organization
  • Calories 3450 kcal


  • SimplySo
  • Migration tool
  • Consultant
  • Office 365 subscription
  • SharePoint
  • On premise fileserver


    Plan the process 

    The planning or prep time is very important for a successful SimplySo implementation. A SimplySo consultant will schedule a meeting, with the purpose of getting an overview over the tasks in hand. 

    Based on your existing setup and data structure, we will talk about what the right way forward is for you. You will have to decide on whether you want to onboard everybody from day 1 or you, like we recommend, want to go with a soft launch and start up departments or teams with your most tech enthusiastic colleagues first. The earlier the stakeholders can be involved in the process the better. 

    Migrate data 

    Office 365 and SharePoint isn’t much fun without any content. If you don’t have your documents in SharePoint Online yet, we will help you with the migration no matter if it is from a file server, Dropbox or SharePoint on-premise. Depending on the amount of data, this process will take some time. We will help you prepare the structure in SharePoint Online and use the SharePoint migration tool from Microsoft to migrate. We will also guide you in how to migrate user specific content to OneDrive. After a successful migration we will help you start giving the right users access to SharePoint Online. Creating departments or Teams in SharePoint, migrating data and giving users access is an iterative process when you go with a soft launch. 

    Activate and configure SimplySo 

    Activating SimplySo literally only takes 30 seconds. The only thing we need is an Office 365 account with a Global admin role. When you access SimplySo for the first time, SimplySo will prompt for consent to access your Office 365 content and we will need the Global admin account to do this on behalf of the organization. After installing SimplySo, we will walk you through the few but important app settings to make sure SimplySo is optimized for your users. We will also show how easily you can set up a dashboard for each department and add custom branding to make SimplySo fit your organizational brand. 

    Train & go live 

    No matter how logical and easy SimplySo is, you better prepare the users on what’s to come. We will train stakeholders in your organization and stand by on the day you go live. Sit back, enjoy and relax, this is how easy every IT implementation process should be.​ 


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